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Harvest Park is a diverse master planned community in Mapleton, Utah.  This 540-unit, 105-acre mixed-use community was designed by JWRA Architects using form-based zoning. The development's higher density, housing diversity, along with its extensive trail and park system, are features that distinguish Harvest Park from the surrounding communities. The community provides a wide variety of affordable housing choices such as attached townhouses and non-twin attached homes, single family homes, P.U.D. units, and mixed-use residential/commercial areas with apartments on the upper floors.


The community includes eight parks, a pavilion, a 15,000 sq. ft. clubhouse/reception center, swimming pool, elementary school, church, and a 2-mile-long trail system which connects every park to every street and the commercial area. The community was designed to ensure that all residential units are within 400 feet of a park.  Many residents live in the community and walk to work in the commercial area.


Envision Utah awarded Harvest Park the Governor’s Quality Growth Award, 2005 Grand Achievement in Design/Planning.

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